Patient Advocacy: How Precious McCowan Took Control of Her Health

Precious McCowan is a National PFE, which is a Personal Family Engagement champion. Precious is a two-time kidney transplant recipient, and since 2015, has been a patient advocate for End-Stage Renal Disease at the ESRD Network 14. In 2020, she became a member at large for the Kidney Transplant Committee, and she takes part in the eGFR workgroup.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Precious McCowan talks about why she joined the ESRD Network 14
  • Precious’ diagnosis and how that motivated her to take control of her health
  • The handwashing campaign’s impact on dialysis patients
  • Precious’ advice to help patients become more engaged

In this episode…

Receiving a diagnosis can be disheartening. Precious McCowan had graduated college, started a new career, and began a family when she was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). She’s here to share how she motivated herself and became a shining light for those with ESRD.

Precious began dialysis without understanding the process, and she became out of tune with her health. After slipping into depression, Precious decided that she was going to turn her mindset around. She researched her illness, directed questions toward her healthcare providers, and became an advocate for herself. Now, she’s helping others do the same.

In this episode of Patient Partner Innovation Community Podcast, Desiree Bradley sits down with Precious McCowan, National Personal Family Engagement champion, to discuss her journey through End-Stage Renal Disease. Precious talks about patient advocacy, the mentorship programs and campaigns she’s created, her advice to those coping with an illness, and more. You don’t want to miss this insightful episode!

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