How the Patient Voice Shapes Clinical Quality Measures with Mathematica

Jayanti Bandyopadhyay is a Health Researcher at Mathematica who currently serves as the Measure Development Task Lead on the Electronic Clinical Quality Measures Development and Maintenance for Eligible Clinicians (EC-ECQM) project. She formerly worked as a Healthcare Administrator for a rural health center in Cape Cod, where she learned firsthand how clinical quality measures drive improvements in care delivery.

Christine Holland has served as Senior Health Researcher at Mathematica for over ten years. In her experience, she has supported and led multi-faceted, large-scale team projects that develop, test, and maintain quality measures across hospital settings. She leads as Project Director on the EC-ECQM project. Beyond project tasks, Christine advances the work via recruitment, proposal support, and increasing documentation and lessons learned to guide company efforts. She earned her master’s from the University of California, Berkeley.

Emma Bickel is a Health Analyst at Mathematica. She currently serves as the Measures Development and Technical Expert Panel Coordinator on the EC-ECQM project. She has supported quality measure development projects for about three years in her role.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

· The roles of measurement and measures development in care delivery

· The importance of engaging patients in measures development processes

· The impact that patients have had on Mathematica’s measurement projects

· The future of patient-centered measurement in health care systems from Mathematica’s perspective

In this episode…

At some point, everyone will be a patient, caregiver, or someone in relation to them. Thus, care delivery is essential for all, and measures keep health systems accountable for ensuring that patients receive quality care. Specifically, clinical quality measures help us understand if a provider completely and safely delivers clinical services appropriate for the patient and in the right timeframe. With this information, we know what happens to patients when they are under care and how to approach making improvements.

Throughout measures development processes, developers must hold the patient voice at the forefront of the discussion. In Mathematica’s project experience, bringing the patient’s perspective into every phase advances healthcare transformation. Since patients interact with every aspect of the health system, they offer insights on the quality of care in clinical work that may be unknown to the measure developers. The result is more efficient care and better health outcomes.

In this episode of the Patient Partner Innovation Community podcast, Desiree Bradley is joined by Jayanti Bandyopadhyay, Christine Holland, and Emma Bickel from Mathematica to discuss the importance of using patient lived experience in measures development.

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