Education & Training

Building Capacity to Reduce Health Disparities

Harnessing Equity & Patient Engagement: Transformative Education & Training to Improve Healthcare Quality & Safety

ATW Health Solutions offers education and training to help our clients achieve health equity and improve quality and safety outcomes. We teach clients how to uncover the root causes of health disparities that impact patient outcomes. We help healthcare providers and staff develop cultural humility—the ability to understand, appreciate, and respond to patient cultural differences. Our training and education focus on increasing person, family, and community engagement, an approach to health care that places the patient at the center of improvement efforts, leading to better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

At ATW Health Solutions, we embed person, family, and community engagement and health equity into our innovative training and education to help our clients achieve optimal health outcomes for all people.

Patient, Family & Community Engagement Training Program

ATW identifies, recruits, and prepares persons with lived experience to engage in healthcare transformation efforts. We help them craft and tell their story in a way that helps healthcare professionals learn and improve. We train them on topics that prepare them to engage in improvement efforts (e.g., healthcare measurement, research, quality and safety improvement). Through ATW’s support of the Patient Partner Innovation Community (PPIC), we engage and connect persons with lived experience with opportunities to help transform the healthcare system.

Sample outcomes of ATW’s engagement work:

  1. Community engagement for early recognition and immediate action in stroke (CEERIAS): Pre and post COVID-19

  2. Advancing Equity for AA & NH/PI Communities in COVID-19 Response Efforts: Best Practice Resource Guides

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