Reimagining Healthcare Partnerships and Collaborations

Dr. Washington is a prominent figure in healthcare transformation serving in the capacity of thought-leader, advocate, researcher and performance improvement expert who has worked with healthcare systems, U.S. government agencies and numerous policymaker groups to ensure that patient-centered and equitable approaches are at the heart of healthcare redesign. Dr. Washington founded and serves as President & CEO of ATW Health Solutions, a management consulting and research firm based in Chicago and board member for National Quality Forum (Washington DC). Shaped by her passion and belief in social justice, Knitasha has earned recognition nationally for her work in quality improvement, patient and family engagement, health equity and patient safety.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

· Hear about the latest innovative trends in person and family engagement

· Understanding how research findings tell the story of past successes in patient safety outcomes

· Lessons learned and best practices in stakeholder engagement

· The importance of accountability to sustain meaningful PFE

In this episode…

Dr. Knitasha Washington discusses the current state of person, family, and stakeholder engagement. She elevates the innovation and impact of patient safety research and outcomes. The importance of elevating diverse and underrepresented community partners such as Indigenous Lifeways to drive change is discussed. You will be inspired and empowered into action.

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