Learn More About 2CEERIAS Stroke Research

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fully-funded Phase II – Community Engagement for Early Recognition and Immediate Action in Stroke Initiative – in the COVID-19 Environment (2CEERIAS).  Our project period was June 2020 – May 2021.

To assess early intervention for at-risk stroke populations during COVID-19, ATW Health Solutions partnered with Dr. Shyam Prabakaran (Division Chair Neurology at the University of Chicago) and Dr. Neelum Aggarwal (Associate Professor and Research Director RUSH) and Discern Health to improve stroke disparities outcomes via a virtually disseminated education intervention.


The Community Engagement in Early Recognition and Immediate Action in Stroke (CEERIAS) study was funded by PCORI in 2014. The study objective was to use a patient- and community-partnered approach to develop and implement an effective intervention aimed at increasing early hospital arrival for acute stroke in two high-risk neighborhoods in Chicago. The research team created an educational program that prepared community leaders and patient advocates to recognize and train others in the community on the need to “Act FAST for Stroke”.  Through traditional community engagement methods, the knowledge and training shared by these Stroke Promoters helped to bring greater awareness to the community. Simply, being aware of the speed and care are given to patients who arrive at the hospital in time for lifesaving treatment, preferably by ambulance, helps to emphasize the importance of “acting FAST” in the community.

2CEERIAS project findings were presented to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division for Health Disease and Stroke. Our team received strong support to continue dissemination efforts to teach our evidence-based community and patient engagement strategies for minority at-risk populations. To find out more about how we received more than 3800 pledges for 2CEERIAS go to or read our final report by clicking the dial below.

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