Engagement & Equity Assessment

Engagement & Equity Assessment

We are Raising Healthcare’s Standards

Better Healthcare Outcomes Start with Engagement

At ATW Health Solutions, we are driven by one goal: improving healthcare for everyone.

A solid, science-driven framework

Improving healthcare quality, safety, reliability, and equity requires more than traditional programs. Research has shown that high-performing hospitals and healthcare systems consistently improve outcomes by enhancing standard initiatives. Time and again, they show significant, quantifiable results when they strategically integrate health equity and patient/person and family engagement (PFE) across their entire ecosystem.

Providing tangible results

Drawing from our years in healthcare and research, we developed a tool that works to enhance operations and improve outcomes for all patients. ATW Health’s Engagement & Equity Assessment, formerly known as the Integrated PFE Index Assessment, helps organizations understand their strengths and identify opportunities when applying a human experience-centered approach to improving safety and quality. Our innovative assessment applies a scientifically tested and evidence-based method that accelerates quality improvement, safety outcomes, health equity, and cost reduction. We help organizations reach the top performance and delivery levels that give patients the health outcomes they deserve.

The Engagement & Equity Assessment provides healthcare leaders with a comprehensive analytical assessment that benchmarks their organization and provides detailed recommendations for immediate implementation. Integrating PFE and health equity practices, as measured by our assessment, has been shown to improve highly problematic quality and safety areas, including readmissions and falls.


ATW Health’s unique assessment will provide quantitative benchmarking and a customized human-centered implementation plan for your healthcare organization. By providing ongoing evaluation and continued support, we ensure that your organization succeeds in improving quality, safety, and equity measures.

ATW Health Guides Further Improvement

We offer a customized, ongoing support program targeted specifically to bolster the areas that show room for improvement. After one year, we re-evaluate and continue to provide training and education where it is most needed. This makes it an agile, personalized, and action-oriented program designed to improve organizational performance and patient health outcomes.

For more information, please contact Kellie Goodson, MS, CPXP, Chief Experience & Engagement Officer (kellie.goodson@atwhealth.com).