Patient Engagement and Equity, Not Just a Check the Box

Ashley is an African American female who resides in Quinter, KS. She has become a national and local patient advocate and champion. She has been instrumental in her community to assist and elevate marginalized voices. She was inspired to become an advocate in her local school system from her experiences with her two sons who have autism. Through her advocacy she has become a true partner in her community to inform and advocate for persons with a disability. She has served on many national and local healthcare quality improvement projects. She is a champion for equity and hopes to inspire others to follow her lead. She believes in family centered care and shared decision making.

In this episode….

This podcast episode features patient partner Ashley Bates-Crowley. She shares her perspective of what meaningful patient engagement and equity looks like. She has been empowered to promote engagement and mentorship in her community. You will be inspired to become a health equity champion. The true meaning of equity in healthcare quality improvement will be highlighted and how to move in the spirit of collaboration.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn:

  • What is meaningful engagement through the patient lens
  • How to provide a culture where every voice is an equal stakeholder
  • Why compensation is an important factor to achieve equitable engagement

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